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Framing Service

As one of the leading framing galleries in the UK Tavistock Picture Framing Gallery believe the Art is in the Framing!


Our consultation service ensures that you achieve the best possible bespoke product to display and preserve any item to the highest possible standard. 


Even our holidays are planned around attending major trade shows worldwide to source cutting-edge materials, equipment and techniques!

 We stock mouldings designed and produced exclusively for us in Italy and Spain.



It is vitally important to use only acid free materials and the correct glass types to preserve your artwork for years to come. 

We are fine Art Trade Guild G.C.F Qualified conservation framers and have the expertise to prevent your artwork deteriorating. Many precious pieces of art are prematurely ageing and losing value due to incorrect framing.

 Act now to protect your investment.

Acid free mount cards

Acid free mount cards

We use only the highest quality acid free mountcards and stock a huge range of colours. Although a mount on a picture will look incredible the main reason for having one is to space the glass off of the artwork itself and it is vitally important that it is an acid free mountcard as this and the backing are the only parts to touch your artwork. Both of which we only stock acid free as standard. Non acid free materials could leave acid burn marks on your items.

U/V protecting glass


We have 4 Different types of glass including our must see (no pun intended) invisi-glass.

Our standard glass is great for keeping your artwork clean and free of bugs.

We also stock a U/V glass which cuts out 99% of U/V light which causes pictures to fade.

Non reflective glass which has an anti glare coating.

Our invisi-glass is in a league of its own. It has a U/V protection but is based on a blue glass instead of green and in most positions throughout your house it will actually look as though there is no glass at all. In our example above you can clearly see our shop front reflecting in the normal glass compared to the invisi-glass.


Huge range of mouldings

We have a huge range of mouldings to choose from to suit all budgets and tastes. Most of which we carry in stock in our Framing Gallery in Tavistock. We can also use our own mouldings to make a mirror to any required size.

Specialist mouldings

Specialist mouldings

Amongst our huge range of mouldings we stock a stunning range that we have handmade in Spain and Italy. These mouldings you will not find anywhere else. If you're looking for something a little different maybe something a bit grand, these could be exactly what you're looking for.



Drymounting is a way to flatten out pictures that have rippled or alternatively will keep your pictures from rippling. This is a heat activated process using acid free materials. Your picture is placed into our vaccuum machine that gently heats a glue tissue while bonding & flattening out the artwork. 

Unusual Items

You name it, we can frame it!

Football shirts


Not just football shirts but any shirt can be framed up beautifully. We stretch them out and position them down in a way that they could be held up in the original condition should you ever wish to.

Unusual items


Get creative. We say almost anything can go into a frame. You bring it and we will frame it. We love framing your unusual items.

Sports memorabilia


We spend time going over all of the options with each customer, giving advice and working with individual requirements. 

Huge items


Size is no issue for us. We've never turned a job away for being too big.

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